Alexis is a self-taught photographer based in the Philippines.

In 2013, her father gifted her with her first DSLR which prompted Alexis to learn how to shoot in manual mode, and has never stopped taking photos since. She and her work have been featured on BBC Earth, Visual Supply Co., Columbia Sportswear, and Young Star Philippines.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and speaks English, Chinese Hokkien, Tagalog, and Spanish.

In her free time, Alexis likes to practice yoga, hike mountains, swim in pools or beaches, and make healthy snacks with easy recipes.

Benji the Mini Schnauzer, Alexis’ pet.

Aside from exploring nature, Alexis also takes great interest in sightseeing for architecture and interior design, oftentimes wishing that she took these up in university instead.

Like with most of her work, she loves ideas that involve the harmony between nature and urban living.



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