South Batan, Batanes

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Finally, Day 3/3 of my trip to Batanes!

We ended the trip with a very relaxed tour to the south of Batan island.

Chawa View Deck



To get to the Chawa View Deck, you have to climb down a flight of stairs!

My mom’s favorite part of the whole trip! Chawa View Deck is not something you would want to skip. It’s a bit tiring since getting there and back involves climbing a few flights of stairs, but it’s worth it! The ocean waters sparkle and you can really see how clean and raw this place is.

Mahatao Boat Shelter


The Mahatao Boat Shelter can be easily described as the ‘prettiest parking lot for boats.’

Alapad Pass




Yet another scenic view of the ocean and the naturally formed rock formations!

Racuh a Payaman (‘Marlboro Country’)


The hills are alive! Marlboro Country was so pretty. Our tour guide also informed us that the animals in this area are all wild and free to run wherever they please. Saw a herd of goats running around, actually!

Fundacion Pacita



Last stop for the day! We had coffee and snacks in the newly opened cafe. Only the hotel guests were allowed to enter the premises of this famous hotel, but I managed a photo of the exterior.

And that pretty much ends my trip to Batanes! I really recommend that you visit when you have the time and resources to do so. Our tour guides Juliet and Greg, and our driver Crisologo from Batanes Travel & Tours were really kind and helpful throughout the whole trip. No problem at all with them by our sides!

Thanks for reading!

May 17, 2015



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