Buntot Palos Falls, Laguna

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This month, my friends and I decided to do something different and go see the Buntot Palos Falls or the “Eel’s Tail” in Pangil, Laguna. This was also the first time I had ever seen a waterfall! It was very exciting for me! We left at around 5:30am and headed towards Laguna with our trusted Google Maps.


Look at that size comparison!

My friends and I were really surprised when we got to the falls. Looking at the pictures before the trip, we didn’t think it would be so huge! Buntot Palos stands 80m tall. The falls are also surrounded by amazing rock formations.

The water was REALLY cold and it took a while for me to get comfy! As a non-swimmer, I (sadly) had to stay in the shallow parts while my friends were able to go up closer to the falls. I was too scared that I might slip and fall into the deep parts. But overall I really had a lot of fun and I really love this place!

Some tips if you’re interested in heading out to Buntot Palos:
1. Check the weather. If it rains or rained a few days before the trail might be muddy and pretty difficult to get through.
2. Bring a big blanket or towel that you can use as a cover when you change! No changing areas by the falls!
3. Girls, be wary of your water intake because there are also no comfort rooms by the falls.
4. The rocks in the shallow areas are quite painful on the feet, so I think it’s better to have your slippers nearby!
5. There are apparently 2 trails. One easy and one more difficult. We didn’t know this, and our tour guide brought us through the more difficult one. Was still fun tho! So make sure you ask your guide beforehand if you have a preferred trail.

There’s also a supply of drinking water right by the falls. Ask your tour guide about it and make sure you try it out. The water tastes really fresh and good! Should you pass by any buko stations, make sure you get some too!


I really loved our tour guide for this trip! His name is Kuya Delmar and he was really friendly and helpful. He didn’t just lead the way, but he really checked on us to see if we were doing okay and he also shared in conversations. He’s funny too! Contact him at +63910 941 7249.

In our case, registration and tour guide fees amounted to Php 125 per head. Parking was Php 50.

Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints.

May 30, 2015



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