Sabtang Island, Batanes

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Day 2/3 of my trip to Batanes, Philippines!

For our 2nd day, we were scheduled to visit the island of Sabtang. Since I don’t know how to swim (must learn soon!!!!), the thought of a boat ride in general terrifies me. I heard from other friends who had visited Batanes before that the boat ride was scary because the open waters of the Pacific were really rough. I was praying so hard for calm waters and a safe ride.

Photos taken with my phone!

The boat ride was actually pretty nice. The waves were quite friendly and tossed the falowa boat around in a playful way. I enjoyed it, honestly! Other than that, the waters were really the clearest and the bluest of what I’ve seen my entire life. I could not stop staring at the waters for 30 minutes straight and took a good 50+ photos on my phone of literally the exact same thing: the Pacific Ocean.

Nakabuang Beach (‘Morong Beach’)

Morong Beach was our first stop for the day. Unlike the waves in Valugan Boulder Beach, the waves here were much calmer. The sand was very fine and light too!

Ahaw Arc (‘Nakabuang Arc’)

So very me to stand in the shade.

The magnificent and naturally formed Ahaw Arc is found on Morong Beach. I didn’t mind getting so much sand inside my shoes for this! It was hard to take “solo” shots cause everyone wanted to take pictures at the same time hehe!

Tacky tourist photo. There was this small cave-like structure next to the Ahaw Arc, but I’m not sure if it has a name. You couldn’t go much further inside though!

Savidug Community

This house looks like it was made just for me! (I’m 5’1, for reference.)

Right beside a body of water. The Savidug Community is a direct hit when a typhoon is in the area.

Moving on to the Savidug Community! I remember watching a documentary on Batanes way back in grade school. I distinctly remember the documentary explaining that the locals built houses of stone to be able to withstand the strong typhoons.

We actually also visited the Chavayan Community, but it was too hot so our tour guide decided to drive us through instead. We also saw Savidug Idjang or the “Fortress,” where the locals would hide from invaders, in passing. Didn’t get to take photos, sorry!

Here are some random shots I took while we drove around Sabtang Island as we headed for lunch by the beach…

Our lunch that day was also very special because we had Coconut Crab, one of the local specialties! What a great treat to end our trip to Sabtang!

Stay tuned for Day 3/3, South Batan Island!

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May 16, 2015



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