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fia’s fud

A simple home shoot for Sofia who sells poke bowls! I was so excited to do this for her, I LOVE her products and couldn’t be any happier to support […]

Love, Susie

Love, Susie is a local fine jewelry brand that uses beautiful and ethically sourced materials in order to create handcrafted pieces that you can love forever. I couldn’t be happier […]

a Greek discovery

To be honest, I was never really aware of Greek food and even more so of Greek desserts until Kristoffer of Filo Taverna asked if I could do a photoshoot […]

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Some photos of random shoots that I’ve done that don’t have enough shots for a dedicated post of their own, but are worth sharing nonetheless.

after dawn with Angela

So happy to be finally sharing the photos from my favorite shoot with After Dawn. I enjoyed this shoot so much because of the variety of sets we had thanks […]

first light

Sharing another set of photos for After Dawn, this time with my friend Ariza as our subject! I wanted to go for a darker and calmer tone, as if the […]